SPARKLING TRENDS® Bass MAXX Series with Solid Digital Bass Bluetooth V4.2 Ear-Buds with Charging Case (Blue)

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  • V4.2 BLUETOOTH WIRELESS EARBUDS with In-Ear Design– Easy to pair and wear, easy to take. CHARGE ON THE GO: The charging case with 450mAh CAPACITY is rechargeable via USB; You can charge the storage box, which will charge the Earbuds 3 To 4 Times. After listening to music place the Earbuds in the Storage box. The storage box will fully charge your Earbuds. As soon as you place the Earbuds in the Case, Red LED Flashes indication charging. Full charge, automatic light off.
  • ALL METAL DESIGN & MAGNETIC PLACING: Your Perfect Travel companion : Take your music with you when you travel & don’t worry how to store your SPARKLING TRENDS BASS MAXX, The aluminum alloy shell takes care of the safety of your Bluetooth Earbuds. The storage case is magnetic for perfect placement of Earbuds and fast Charging. 1 hours quick charge gives you 5 hours continuous voice calling or about 3 hours music playing time, 170 hours standby time.
  • EFFORTLESS IN EAR DESIGN: In order to sound really great, Sparkling Trends Earbuds are a snug fit In-Ear Design. Sparkling Trends Earbuds are the perfect choice for travellers or in the gym. Earbuds are Sweat Resistant and comfortable & secure fit. ACTIVE BATTERY MONITERING TECHNOLOGY] Features 10 Meters DUAL Barrier-free transmission] – The Earbud battery status will be automatically displayed on the IOS cellphone screen. The Bluetooth Earbuds can pair with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • BASS MAXX TECHNOLOGY FOR SOLID DIGITAL BASS: Experience HD sound with powerful SOLID DIGITAL BASS. This Bluetooth Earbud is equipped with Bluetooth V4.2 for Rich Music Output & Advanced CVC Noise Cancelation for Crystal Clear Music & Noise free Calling. Bluetooth 4.2 allows up to a 30 feet range of connection and the earphones are designed to pair with 2 devices at once.
  • CONNECTION INSTRUCTION: Power on your mobile Bluetooth first, Switch on both the Earbuds at the same time, you will get message: [Power on].Wait for a while & both the Earbuds will team up & you will hear a message: [Team successful]. Then Select: SPARKLING TRENDS as the Bluetooth name on your device to connect with the Earbuds. While listning to Music both Earbuds will be Functional but for a phone call Smart chip will switch to one Earbud mode to conserve power

Solid Digital Bass Maxx Series Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. You certainly like this design. It is completely wireless. This is very helpful when you turn your head. You don’t need to adjust the wire. It is also very convenient for driving. Just remove one when you want to talk to someone. Both earbuds can work together or separately. So you can decide to use one or two. The portable charging case is very useful. It supports earbuds with longer time. I can charge the earbuds at anywhere, such as my pocket, backpack. Paring for connection is very fast. Sound is very good. It is clear with high fidelity. How TO USE IT? Binaural Mode: (Both earbuds work together) Turn on: Long press button about 3 seconds until both lights on in the meanwhile. Turn Off: Long press button for about 5 seconds until the red light on, when the both earbuds were paired, anyone can be shut down and the other one will turn off automatically. Pairing: 1.For initial connection, press buttons of both units at the same time around 3 seconds until blue light on, the earbuds will be paired successfully within 15 seconds. [Red and blue LED will flash simultaneously on the main unit, while the seconds blue LED flash every 5 seconds on the secondary unit.] 2.Find the name of the unit “Sparkling Trends” in the device list of mobile setting, there will be audio notice of the connection success within every 5 seconds, the blue LED will flash every 5 seconds on both earbuds after connected successfully. 3.For repeat connection, press the buttons of both units simultaneously for 3 seconds the earbuds will be powered on and connected automatically, blue LED will flash every 5 seconds. 4.Either unit can be used independently. Press the button for around 5 seconds, connect it in Bluetooth device list in mobile setting. Please Attention: 1. Please avoid using this product in shower.

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  1. Ashish Arya

    Stunning sound & good battery backup

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