SPARKLING TRENDS HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Redmi 4 (Transparent)


SPARKLING TRENDS (TM) tempered glass screen protector for yopur xiaomi redmi 4 features [ anti-shatter ] by undergoing specialized tempered-glass treatment, this screen protector is flexible and shatterproof. The protector only breaks under extreme pressure, but it won’t break into small, sharp pieces, keeping you and your phone safe. [ round edge ] the round edge provides more comfort while using. [ waterproof and oil-proof ] high-density anti-fingerprint glass layer can prevent the water & oil from scattering. The water & oil can be wiped away easily. [ 9h hardness for maximum protection ] 9h hardness tempered glass, which is 3 times than normal 3h hardness, can effectively protect your iphone from friction from keys, knife and other sharp objects. [ clarity and high-response touch preserved ] 99.99% hd clarity, color reproduction, hd clear display, natural watching experience, maintains the touch experience. Works with: xiaomi redmi 4 not for redmi 4a or note 4 kit contains: 1x glass screen protector, wet/dry wipes, installation stickers for perfect installation & use guide color: glass (Ultra-Clear) SPARKLING TRENDS is the only official dealer. The product will be counterfeit and SPARKLING TRENDS take no responsibility of the product.

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  • order now and product will be freight within 24 hours. 2.5d tempered glass: gorilla/ asahi glass is precisely cut using cnc technology for precise cutouts. Note- this tempered glass is slightly smaller in size due to beveled edges of xiaomi redmi 4(Please Refer 4th Image)
  • Military grade anti-scratch technology: our tempered glass is 100% anti-scratch. We layer it with vacuum electroplating coating which is used to coat military helicopter to protect from adverse conditions
  • Leading 9h hardness mater which is as good as a diamond’s hardness and water-proof. Water just glides away on the glass
  • Ballistic grade Asahi glass from Japan, tempered at 400 degrees
  • Ultra clear high definition coating


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